Мультсериал «Моя бабушка курит трубку»


About Us

«OCA» Animation Studio is a Team of Professionals with many years of experience working on animation projects for such companies as Moving Pictures Company (MPC), Framestore, Axis Animation and Soyuzmultfilm. «OCA» Animation Studio is focused on the production of 3D Character Animation for feature Films, full-length Cartoons and animated Series, as well as Cinematics for computer and mobile Games, Animation for Commercials. Order 3D Animation from Us and You will get high quality at a reasonable price.

In addition to commercial orders «OCA» Animation Studio is producing its own animated Series called «My Granny Smokes a Pipe». Students of The «OCA» School of 3D Animation and Graphics also help us in this. During the training, they take part in the creation of Animation for the animated Series in conditions close to real production. The best graduates of the School get employment opportunities at the «OCA» Animation Studio.